How to Build a Great Bio Page

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How to Build a Great Bio Page

Every business owner needs a great bio…a synopsis of who you are, what you do and what you are passionate about.  Here are the key components of a great bio or bio page for a website:

1.  A professional photograph.  You’ve heard it before…first impressions are the most important and you only have a few seconds to catch and keep someone’s attention.  Everyone has a beautiful feature…use it to your fullest advantage!  Maybe you have an amazing smile, or big, bright eyes, or beautiful thick hair, or a cute nose…whatever it is, make sure it is front and centre and accentuated in your photo.
Or…perhaps you have a feature that is unique like eyes that are different colors, bright pink hair, or anything that is different…whatever it is, make sure it is front and centre and accentuate it in your photo.  It does not matter how you stand out, you just want to make sure you do.

2.  A complete biography.  I’ve worked with authors, political leaders, and business owners – they all use the same bio format – F.O.R.M.- family, occupation, recreation, message.

Family – people want to know a little about your “human” side.  Share a little about your family.

Occupation – this is what most people write about in their bio and it is important but not the most important.  It helps to establish your credibility and to share that you probably know what you are talking about.  Do a bit of bragging here…your education and your accomplishments.  This is not the place to put your resume.  People don’t need to know about all the different positions you’ve held.  They want to know what you’ve accomplished – where you’ve succeeded.

Recreation – people want to know you know how to have fun and love life.  Life is meant to be lived, loved and enjoyed.  Share some of your hobbies and volunteer passions.

Motivation or Message – this is the most important part of your bio!  What is the message you want to share with the world?  What makes you get up in the morning?  What gets you so excited you can’t sleep?  This is your heart…this is what people want to see and connect with.

3.  Benefits of working with you.  Why should people work with you?  What are the benefits of working with you?  What’s in it for them?  You should have at least 5 really good benefits (post at the top of the list) and more if you have them.

4.  Testimonies.  Facts tell, stories sell.  This is where you let other people tell your prospective new clients how great you are.  Keep adding them as you get them.  I recommend you post your testimonies on the side of your site if possible so they are always in front of your prospective clients.

5.  Contact Info.  Phone numbers.  Email.  Website.  Social Media links.  Whatever you use, give it to them.

If you need some help putting your bio together, be sure to CONTACT me.


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